Dixie State University

Uniform Information

Uniforms and other equipment are required at the Dixie State University POST Academy.  Expect to spend about $400 for the SFO block and about $1550 for the LEO block.  During your appointment with the Director, the uniform information and where to purchase them will be provided.  Utility gear can be purchased at any location of the cadets choice.  The duty weapon can be 9MM, .40 or .45 caliber.  The model of the weapon is the cadets choice.  Cadet must purchase their own ammunition for the LEO block.  Weapons and ammunition are not required until the beginning of the firearms training in the LEO Certification Program.



Special Functions Officer (SFO) and Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Equipment List

**The items below need to be ordered through the Dixie State University Bookstore, located in the DSU Gardner Center at 225 South 700 West, St. George.  Orders can be emailed or called in to Aaron Meadows at Aaron.Meadows@dixie.edu or 435-652-7640.  Uniforms from the bookstore must be ordered by September 6, 2019.

Item Description


Polo Shirt w/ Academy Logo $25.00- $28.00
Performance T- Shirt w/ Academy Logo $15.00- $18.00
Pair of Shorts $18.00- $21.00
Full Zip Sweatshirt w/ Academy Logo $30.00- 33.00
Open Bottom Sweatpants $25.00- $28.00
Elastic Bottom Sweatpants $18.00- $21.00

**All items below can be purchased at the Uniform Store located across from Harmon’s 115 East 700 South, St. George.

Item Description


Tru- speck pants w/ black belt (tan cargo pants, NO NFR belt buckles) $49.99
Black Basket Weave Belt Boston Leather $ 26.99 - $59.99
Single Handcuff Case Bianchi $ 29.99
Handcuffs (NO hinged handcuffs) $34.99
Military Style BLACK boots (must take a shine) $94.99- $140.99
Running Shoes from store of your choice N/A

Additional Law Enforcement Officer Equipment (LEO)

Item Description


Black Basket Weave Under Belt Boston 1 3/4 $26.99
Basket Weave Duty Belt $54.99- $74.95
Set of 4 Belt Keepers $11.99
Black Basket Weave Holster (level III is preferred, ALS LEVEL III DUTY HOLSTER 6360 by Safariland) $129.99
Firearm (cadets choice, check with the director for acceptable firearms) N/A
Black Basket Weave Double Ammo Pouch $30.99 - 39.99
Stinger LED w/DC Charger $129.95
Tactical Flashlight (rechargeable) $55.99 - $85.00
Basket Weave Flashlight Holder $14.99
Eye Protection for the Firearms Range $9.99
Ear Protection for the Firearms Range N/A
Ammunition for Firearm (from merchant of your choice) N/A

*** Prices are subject to change!!

The Uniform Store does have a few packages to offer cadets. For more info call 435-628-4443

Students are encouraged to price compare with other commercial businesses.  The program does not endorse one commercial business over another.