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SFO Curriculum

SFO Curriculum

Applications for session 14, will be accepted beginning December 1, 2018 with the deadline of September 1, 2019.  SFO classes for next session will begin October 2019, with LEO beginning January 2020. For questions please contact Sarah at (435)652-7916.

Special Function Officer classes will start October 2019.

*Dates are subject to change.

Applications will be accepted beginning December 1st each year and end 4 weeks prior to start of next session.

Please go to Student Information to see how to register.

Special Function Officer
Course of Instruction 2017-2018

Name of Class Class Hours
Ethical Standards 2
Leadership and Professionalism 2
Ethical Decision Making 2
Community Relations 5
POST Certification and Investigations 2
Introduction to Homeland Security 2
Introduction to U.S. and State Constitutions 2
Introduction to Utah Criminal Code 2
Introduction to Utah Court Systems 2
Introduction to Defensive Tactics 6
Report Writing I 4
Radio Communications 2
Media Relations 1
Hazardous Materials Response 2
Emergency Medical Response 2
First Aid/ CPR 7
Healthy Lifestyles-- Physical Fitness 2
Healthy Lifestyles-- Stress Management 2
Laws of Arrest 4
Laws of Search and Seizure 6
Laws of Evidence 4
Laws of Reasonable Force 2
Liability of Peace Officers 2
Crimes Against Persons I 3
Crimes Against Persons II 4
Crimes Against Property I 3
Crimes Against Property II 4
Crimes Against Family 1
Crimes Against Administration of Government 1
Crimes Against Public Order and Decency 2
Controlled Substance Law 2
Alcohol Beverage Control Act 2
Juvenile Law 4
Understanding Human Behavior and Mental Illness 3
Introduction to the Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T) 3
Response to the Mental Health Crisis 8
Management and Recognition of Excited Delirium/ Agitated Chaotic Event 2
Position of Interview: Principles of Movement 2
Initial Ground Positions: Principles of Movement 4
Low Profile Terry Frisk 1
Standing/Kneeling cuff and Search 2
Prone Search and Cuffing 2
Segmenting Controls 1
Escort and Transport Position 1
Natural Weapons 4
Threat Assessment and Take Downs 6
Startle Response to an Attack 4
Ground Tactics 10
Officer Response to Weapons (Ground) 2
Ground Tactics with Natural Weapons 2
Dynamic Application Drill I 2
Dynamic Application Drill II 2
Gang Awareness 2
Conflict Resolution 12
Written Scenario Training 4
Introduction to the Incident Command System 3
National Incident Management System 3
Law Enforcement Encounters with Citizen Dogs 2
Basic Interview and Interrogations 4
Preliminary Investigations 4
Crime Scene Protection and Search 5
Collection and Preservation of Evidence 5
Victimology 2
Drug Recognition and Familiarization 2
Course Curriculum Total 203


Category Hours
Course Curriculum 203
Physical Training 20
Orientation and Administration 4
Intermediate Testing and Review 4
Special Function Officer Certification Testing 2
Physical Fitness Testing 2
Defensive Tactics Practical Testing 3
Total hours 238