LEO Curriculum

Applications for session 12, will be accepted beginning Dec 1, 2016 and are due no later than Sept 1, 2017. Please be advised that space is limited and applications should be submitted ASAP. SFO classes for next session will begin October 2017, with LEO beginning Jan 2018. For questions please contact us at 435-652-7916.

Law Enforcement Officer classes will start in January 2018. Please go to Student Information to see how to register.

The prerequisite for the Law Enforcement Officer training is the Special Function Officer block or the Corrections block. If you have graduated one-year or more from either SFO or Corrections there is a test you must take. Contact the Director for testing dates.

Law Enforcement Officer
Course of Instruction 2015-2016

Name of Class Hours
Introduction to Emergency Vehicles Operations 6
Introduction to Firearms Handling 4
Introduction to Scenario Training 2
Report Writing II 4
Court Demeanor and Testifying 4
Career Development 2
Civil Disputes 2
Traffic Law 7
Driver License Law and Hearings 2
Weaponless Defense Techniques Part II 16
Weapon Protection and Retention 4
Ground Tactics 6
Impact Weapon 6
Patrol Concepts 2
Immediate Response Tactics 8
Critical Incident Casualty Care 2
Mental Conditioning For Combat 4
Pedestrian/ vehicle Stop and Approach 4
Vehicle Searches 4
Building Searches 12
Crimes in Progress 2
Hostage/ Barricaded Subjects 2
Off Duty Response 2
Introduction to K-9 4
Basic Bomb Recognition 2
Scenario Training 32
Radar/ Lidar Certification 12
Sex Crimes Investigation 8
Dead Body Investigations 4
Follow- up Investigations 2
Child Abuse and Neglect 2
Traffic Accident Investigation 16
Domestic Violence/ Cohabitant Abuse Procedures 4
Identity Theft- Fraudulent Documents 4
Recognizing and Handling Drugs and Narcotics 6
Intoxilyzer Operation and Certification 7
DUI and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing 16
Handgun Handling and Safe Operation 4
Firearms Range/ Day Shooting 32
Firearms Range/ Night Shooting 16
** Emergency Vehicle Operation Practical/ Simulator 40

** The DSU Regional POST academy does NOT offer the Emergency Vehicle Operations Training (EVO). After graduating and employment, by any department, Cadets need to attend the Utah POST EVO training.. It is the Cadet’s responsibility to inform employers and/or potential employers of this… YOU CANNOT BE CERTIFIED UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE EVO.


Category Hours
Course Curriculum 318
Physical Training 28
Administration and Orientation 5
Intermediate Testing and Review 4
Law Enforcement Certification Testing 2
Physical Fitness Testing 2
Defensive Tactics Practical Testing 4
Graduation / Spouse Orientation 4
Total hours 367