BCO – Correction Officer

The Basic Corrections Officer (BCO) is the fastest growing job in the law enforcement field. If you become a corrections officer, your primary duty will be to guard and supervise prisoners confined to penal institutions. This basic role doesn’t change from facility to facility, but your specific duties will, depending on the size and type of institution. As a corrections officer, you might work in a small county or municipal jail where you’ll have a general range of duties, or you may work in a large state or federal prison with more specialized duties..

** In order to be completely enrolled in the BCO Block you need to contact Abbie Buell ASAP. If you fail to contact her please, do not assume you will be automaticly enrolled!** Enrollment will be open until July 31st, with classes beginning August 25th at the Hurricane Education Center located 112 South 700 West Hurricane. Classes will be held Monday – Friday from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

BCO Block Prerequisites

Special Function Officer (SFO) is a prerequisite for the Basic Corrections Officer (BCO). Cadets interested in the BCO Block will need to provide a copy of SFO certification, and will be required to take the BCO Entrance exam. If attendance of SFO, LEO or if you are not employed by a department is longer than 18 months you need to contact Michele Tisdale (652-7916) for more information. Futhermore, interested cadets who are not employed by a department, or haven’t attended SFO or LEO for more than a year will be required to submit a new application. The application for Corrections can be accessed from the Utah State POST webpage at http://www.utahpost.org/knowlegebase/applicant.

POST Requirements

Cadets will be required to apply for admissions with Dixie State University. For questions regarding admission and registration, please contact Abbie Buell at 652-7916. Once you have completed the admissions process with DSU please contact Abbie Buell for class information.

BCO Physical Testing Requirements

  • 1.5 Mile Run – 15:37
  • Push Ups – 16 Reps (Maximum repetitions with no time constraint and no rest during this phase of the test)
  • Vertical Jump-15 inches
  • Sit-Up-25 reps (One Minute)
  • 300 Meter 70 seconds

Basic Corrections Officer Course of Instruction 2014- 2015

Name of Class Class Hours
Corrections Law and Offenders Rights (CLOR) 8
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) 3
Reasonable Force 4
Court Demeanor and Testifying 3
Decision Making and Problem Solving 4
Converstations with Leadership 2
Correctional Ethics and Professionalism 3
Staff/ Offender Interactions 6
Suicide Prevention 4
Generational Perspectives 2
Offender Supervision Strategies 4
Inmate Discipline 1
Gender Responsive Issues 4
Inmate Classification 1
Forced Cell Entry Classroom 2
Critical Response Classroom 2
Chemical Agents Classroom 2
Safety and Emergencies 2
Survival Mindset 3
Search Techniques 4
Riots and Disturbances 2
Institutional Security 2
Grievance Process 1
Transportation of Prisoners 4
Prison and Street Gangs 4
Hostage Taking and Negotiations 2
Explosives and Incendiary Materials 2
Correctional Defensive Tactics 12
Correctional Defensive Tactics/ Edged Weapons 8
In Custody Restraint Application 4
Search Practical 4
Forced Cell Entry Practical 6
Critical Response Practical 6
Head Counts Practical 3
Chemical Agent Practical 5
Course Curiculum 129
Physical Training 16
Orientation and Administration: Facility Tours, Scenario Report Writing, Team Building Peer Reviews, Concept Review and Remediation 12
Testing: 2 Intermediate Tests, Chemical Agents Test, Defensive Tactics Test 4
Basic Corrections Officer Certification Testing 2
Physical Fitness Testing 2
Defensive Tactics Practical Testing 3
Graduation 4
Total 172